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Dark Sky Discovery Sites
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The North Norfolk Astronomy Society has always taken a direct interest in the quality of the night sky in our region, as we're fortunate to have some of the darkest skies in the south east of England. Since there is a low density of industry and a rural population, light pollution is perhaps lower than many other areas.

In 2017 NNAS applied for and obtained two Dark Sky Discovery Sites, at Kelling Heath Holiday Park and at Wiveton Down. Each autumn we host a sky tour and telescope outreach event at each DSDS.

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20 Oct 2018DSDS Kelling Heath        Start time - about 19:00        Location map       modal alert
If the weather is poor and there's little chance of seeing the stars, we will cancel today's event and reschedule for the 21st October. If the event on the 20th goes ahead, we will scrap the 21st evening. It's either / or.

Park opposite the Kelling Heath visitor centre, then gather at the reception building entrance. We will walk down to the DSDS in groups with a sky tour en-route. This is a brief tutorial of the visible constellations and important stars in the sky. We will set up a number of telescopes for visitors to look through, and members of the Society will available to answer questions and discuss astronomy.  Depending on numbers and arrival time, we may split visitors who want to attend the sky tour into groups and repeat for later groups.
21 Oct 2018DSDS Kelling Heath  (reserve date).  If held details as for the 20th October.