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About us
The North Norfolk Astronomy Society is a relatively small group of people (currently around 30 members) who have a common interest in Astronomy. Some members have their own telescope, but this is not essential as the Society has its own equipment and we have the use of our own observatory at Wiveton containing a 12inch Calver Newtonian reflector telescope. We arrange guest speaker evenings when we can and these are held at Binham Village Hall. We also arrange special viewing nights for events such as meteor showers, comets or eclipses, and we organise a barbecue each year.

The Society was founded in 1998 by a group who had been students at a Local Authority evening class on astronomy at the Fieldview Astronomy Centre at East Barsham. Initially the newly fledged society continues to use these facilities, but eventually the speaker evenings outgrew Fieldview and were moved to a different venue. The lecture facilities have been enhanced by acquiring a digital projector and laptop computer for presentations.

A landmark for the society was an award by the Millennium Grants Committee which enabled the purchase of a Vixen GP2000L-SM telescope, a Dark Star 7" Dobsonian telescope and a pair of Vixen 10 x 50 binoculars. In 2003 an observatory was constructed to house the Society's restored 12inch Calver reflector telescope, and this was opened in 2006. Re-silvering of the main mirror has improved the telescope further. Recently digital cameras, computers and a solar scope have been acquired by the Society. A Mead LDX55 telescope is used for astro-photography. A recent purchase has been a Coronado solar scope.

Society equipment is available for members to use at the Green Farm Observatory. We also stock a library of useful and interesting books, magazines and other literature about astronomy, and this is housed in a resource centre for members.